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Golden Wings just entered its 24th year of providing one of the largest selections of emblems of the aviation units of the United States Navy and Marine Corps while maintaining its outstanding reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction.

The company came into being as an outgrowth of my life-long collection of Navy and Marine aviation insignia and the reasoning that if such a pastime appealed to me, perhaps it would appeal to others as well. Collecting these insignia also fit nicely with my equal passion for history, especially U.S. naval history.

In the slightly more than a century since Lieutenant Theodore “Spud” Ellyson, USN, completed his flight training under the tutelage of the pioneer aviator Eugene Ely and was designated Naval Aviator No. 1, the officers and men (and recently, women) of naval aviation have left a record of achievement and service to this nation second to none. Whether spending uncounted millions of hours straining to catch a glimpse of the telltale “feather” of a U-boat’s periscope, battling enemy aircraft high above un-named Pacific islands, putting a fragile helicopter down in a landing zone swept by enemy fire to rescue wounded in the jungles of Southeast Asia or riding a rocket to the moon and back, this record of achievement will stand forever. The distinguishing insignia of the units that compiled this magnificent record stand like shining milestones along this century-long road, and it is Golden Wings’ pleasure to present many of these to you.

Our product selection is in a constant state of evolution as new insignia designs become available and historic old designs are once again worn by units serving today. In the last quarter alone, we have added more than 100 insignia to our catalog and will continue to do so as new items become available.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Golden Wings and find the items you are searching for in our selection. Along the way, we also hope you expand your knowledge and your appreciation of the achievements of the sailors and Marines of Naval Aviation.

Fighting 2, The Flying Chiefs
1927 – 1942

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 235
“The Death Angels,” 1968 - 1996
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